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This is a selection of works that I have been making since February 28, 2018. I returned to my painting practice with vigor last winter during my recovery from a serious head injury that divorced me from most habits of a modern, digital life. Working simply on paper with watercolor became my way of reconnecting with my senses and my body as it came back to strength. A way to nurture my brain, and embrace the unknown with a familiar medium : paint. At my table, I found space to engage with myself in a quiet, deliberate way, and emerge sure-footed, resilient and emboldened.

My approach to the work is intuitive. Sensory. Loosening the grip on reason and embracing a bit of mystery. Trusting the process. Letting go, the mind is free, looking for life. My work often nods to the natural world, and some pieces compositionally suggest a landscape or a wild moment. But I aim to move beyond descriptive detail, as color navigates the white space. It’s really a feeling. It’s thinking about what it means to create space: it’s a slower pace and an expansive landscape; it’s a breath and a handhold with yourself.

The ongoing body of work tells an intimate story of transformation and growth.

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